THE•1® widens the E-Mobility approaches for transportation and car manufacturers. The extra power for trucks, busses, trains, vessels and cars comes from waste and ambient heat. This way accumulators and batteries can be re-charged by THE•1® while available heat is being converted – on and off operations. E-Mobility has become a basic need in our globalized world. Approximately 80% of all passenger transportation happens via individual vehicles. 99% of the affected vehicles are powered by combustion motors with inefficient power exploitation. 75% of an engine’s energy input turns into non-utilized heat. Thermal losses are the result of 20% heat emission of the engine block and 20% heat exchange water. 35% of the thermal losses come from unused heat passing the exhaust system. With feasible modifications to the vehicle-body THE•1® noticeably can utilize a good portion of the 75% unused thermal energy and convert it into electricity and this way increase E-Mobility approaches. THE•1® E-Mobility application opens new opportunities to utilize heat in future in order to provide extra power to electrically powered devices.