THE•1® performance outlook.

Based on latest laboratory models of THE•1® we plan to achieve the following 1kWp production model.

THE•1® planned production model

  • THE•1® chassis size: 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.2m
  • THE•1® cell surface (4m²)
  • THE•1® chassis consists of an inlet and an outlet

The described performance outlook refers to the following design study, planned to become a production model for THE•1®.

THE•1® planned operations for 1kWh

  • Thermal energy medium: 24 liter water
  • Inlet temp: 60°C
  • Outlet temp: 20°C

According to the following simulation we plan to generate 1kWh by converting 24 liters of 60°C warm water. The water leaving THE•1® after the conversion procedure will measure 20°C.